not much but questions so far…

my head is spinning with these and more things that i muse about…

is it a good idea to go „nappy-free“?

what steps do we need to take to be equal parents? are we bold enough to challenge each other? why do we want to do this anyway?

and if we talk about „sharing parenthood“ would have been okay for me to say „i want to be asked if this is a good moment for us to become pregnant or not!“?

can we others breast-feed? will i produce milk then? they say it’s quite likely – but do i WANT to produce milk and breast-feed?

how do i introduce the child to my mum – „by the way, here is your grandchild that you always hoped for!“?

will there be any spare time?

will we give equal priorities to all our (adult) needs or will it always be the biological mum who has to take the child in the end?

are the house and caravan warm enough? does a heat lamp use too much energy to be ecological?

what if i am too clumsy to handle a baby?

is there enough tolerance in our society – and among our friends for little babies and all their „vital signs“?

… what questions do you have!?

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  1. I traveled to my parents and the parents of my partner with a book about babys. They thought, that I am pregnant and asked me (my parents would be very happy to see that). Then I could tell them, „no it is the baby of our group“ and that we are going to share the parenthood and that in a few years we will be coming with this kid on holiday.
    They all liked the idea (I don`t know if they realize it as we do) … most parents can see the benefit of others participating. I don`t know how it will be then in the future and if they get grandparents-feelings. This maybe depends also on us and how we feel as parents. Greetings Emma

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